Welcome to the Seven Springs Spa

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Come, relax and enjoy. Let us pamper you within the relaxing environs of our restoration spa, inspired by the fabled *seven healing springs of nearby Boca Ciega Bay. You will never feel rushed through your services. We promise. Arrive early and spend time in front of the fireplace or on our sprawling verandah. After your services, stay and savor your newfound feeling of pure relaxation in the elegant atmosphere of the distinctive Peninsula Inn. Don’t be surprised if you never want to leave.

And so it is told...

...that the waters of Boca Ciega Bay off of Gulfport Beach offer up seven cool springs with legendary healing powers known around the world. When the water temperature reaches about 80 degrees, these springs can be felt as cold spots in the otherwise warm water.

On the bottom, a small hole encircled by pink sand can be seen emitting bubbles. It is the clay-like sand at the site of the spring that, when rubbed on the body, is said to have the power to heal problems of the skin. Many have traveled to Gulfport in search of the seven springs. And many claim to have been healed by their mystical powers.