The Peninsula Inn & Spa Massage and Bodywork Menu

For the ultimate in relaxation, 60 minutes: $85 Try our signature massage: a full-body, full-hour relaxation massage on the most comfortable table in town. Using traditional Swedish massage techniques, this massage utilizes moderate pressure to relax your musdes, reduce tension and calm the nervous system with slow, flowing movements. Add Aromatherapy 60 minutes: $95 Enhance your relaxation with customized aromatherapy. For topical application, choose from our large selection 0/100% pure essential oils or essential oil blends. For inhalation therapy, choose from our collection o/100% pure essential oil synergies.

Target Massage - Addresses problem areas in shorter duration to relieve pain and relax muscles Therapeutic Massage - Applies therapeutic techniques to specific areas of muscle tension Deep Tissue Massage - Reaches into deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic or acute tension Neuromuscular Therapy - Releases trigger points when nerve involvement causes pain & dysfunction Myotherapy - Erases spasms through trigger point therapy & muscle re-education with special exercises

30 minutes: $50 60 minutes: $95 60 minutes: $99 75 minutes: $99 60 minutes: $130

Geriatric Massage - Designed for seniors 70 and older with their special needs in mind Pregnancy Massage — Must be in 2nd or 3rttrimester (Massage in contraindicated in Is4trimester) ReiM - Channels universal energy to stimulate positive energy flow, reduce anxiety & facilitate healing Massage / Reiki Blend - Blends energy work with traditional massage for enhanced relaxation Myof ascial Release - Rebalances the body by releasing tension in the connective tissues of the muscles Craniosacral Therapy - Utilizes the body’s craniosacral system to detect and correct restrictions Bhakti Massage - Uses long, extremely slow strokes from head to toe to draw out deep-seated tension Esalen Massage - Uses flowing, continuous “connecting” strokes to integrate body parts into the whole Sports Massage - Prepares or promotes recovery of muscle groups used in sports or physical activity Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian massage combining energetic &spedfic rhythmic strokes to unite the entire body Shiatsu -Acupressure - A combination modality using stretches & applied pressure to free tight muscles Hot Stone Massage - Utilizes thermal conduction to facilitate therapeutic changes locally cV systemically Four-Hands Massage - One client, two therapists, four hands – the ultimate self-indulgence Couple’s Massage - Receive relaxation massage in the same room imth your partner (subject to availability)
40 minutes: $50 40 minutes: $50 30 minutes: $50 60 minutes: $95 60 minutes: $95 60 minutes: $95 60 minutes: $95 60 minutes: $95 60 minutes: $99 60 minutes: $99 60 minutes: $99 75 minutes: $170 45 minutes: $165 60 minutes: $199

Foot Reflexology
Choice of Feet Only or Feet & Hands Refiexology-Massage Blends: 30-tnin. Reflexology / 30-min. Massage 30-min. Reflexology / 60-min. Massage 60-min. Reflexology / 60-min. Massage 30 minutes: $55 60 minutes: $90 60 minutes: $95 90 minutes: $130 2 hours: $165

Hotel guests receive a discount on Spa Services. Locals: ask about our Spa Membership Program for the lowest rates.

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The packages below reflect a package discount and already include gratuity for your convenience. Each package can be used by one person only. Services cannot be split up over a series of days.

Sampler Package $160

3 services; 1.5 hours

  • 30-min. Target Massage
  • 30-min. Refresher Facial
  • 30-min. Reflexology

Refresher Package $170

3 services; 2 hours

  • 30-min. Refresher Facial
  • 60-min. Relaxation Massage
  • Hand Exfoliation/Paraffin Treatment

Weekend Warrior Package $209

3 services; 2 hours

  • 30-min. Sports Reflexology
  • 60-min. Sports Massage
  • 30-min. Refresher Facial

Romantic Couple’s Package $250

  • 2 Hand Exfoliation/Paraffin Treatments
  • 2 Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy Massages (60 minutes each)

Aromatherapy Package $270

3 services; 3 hours

  • 60-min. Reflexology
  • 60-min. Aromatherapy Massage
  • 60-min. Relaxation Facial

Tune-Up Package $284

3 services; 3 hours

  • 60-min. Refurbishing Body Polish
  • 60-min. Hydrating Facial
  • 60-min. Therapeutic Massage

Restoration Package $325

4 services; 3.5 hours

  • 80-min. Anti-Aging Facial
  • 60-min. Therapeutic Massage
  • 50-min. Specialized Eye Treatment
  • Hand Exfoliation/Paraffin Treatment

Relaxation Package $370

3 services; 2 hours

  • 60-min. Reflexology for Stress Reduction
  • 60-min. Relaxation Massage
  • 60-min. Relaxation Facial
  • 50-min. Anti-Fatigue Leg Treatment
  • Hand Exfoliation/Paraffin Treatment

Ladies Only Package $380

4 services; 4 hours

  • 60-min. Reflexology for Ladies Only
  • 60-min. Anti-PMS Aromatherapy Massage
  • 60-min. Relaxation Facial
  • 60-min. Deep Detoxifying Herbal Wrap

Peninsula Premiere Package $400

$400 4 services; 5 hours

  • 60-min. Refurbishing Body Polish
  • 2-hour Reflexology-Massage Blend
  • 80-min. Le Grand Classique Facial
  • Choice of Paraffin Treatment, Brow Shaping or Brow Tinting

Create Your Own Package

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Customize a package of your own. Choose any three or more services from our spa menu, and we’ll package them for you at the discounted price.